Friday, December 9, 2011

Toy Drive, Christmas Eve 2011, College Point, NY

Children of Hope, Upper Room Queens, The YOYO Foundation & Chelsi Newman present....

Hands of Love

Saturday, December 24, 2011 -11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Knights of Columbus 22-38 College Point Boulevard,
College Point, NY 11356

This Christmas Eve, help provide toys for over 100 girls and boys who desparatly need your love and support. Did you know that 1 out of every 5 children in the U.S. live below the poverty level? Donate a toy and bring some joy to a childs face!

Toy Date Submission Deadline: December 19, 201

Gift drop off locations: Option 1: Give your gift to an event host Option 2: Mail your gift to: the YOYO Foundation 15-17 126th Street College Point, NY 11356

Gift Selection: You can donate a toy for a girl or boy from ages 3 and up or you can select a gift wish from a child, the list is posted on the web site.

Have Questions? Email: 
Call: 800-YOYO-Lip (969-6547)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lip Gloss Mini Zipper Pouch GIVEAWAY CONTEST! 15 WILL WIN

Hey Lip Gloss Lovers! How awesome do our new Zipper Pouches sound?!   Wouldn't you love to be  the first to indulge in one of our newest and coolest product?  Enter our new contest and YOU can be a proud new owner of your very own Zipper Pouch!!

Begins: June 8, 2011 at 2:00PM
Ends: June 20, 2011 at 12:00PM
Winners: 15 Winners will be chosen at random!
Prize: YOYO Zipper Pouch Gift Set (contains 3 YOYO Minis and a re-usable Zipper Pouch)

It's supper fun and easy!

Step 1:  Select one of the three tasks below

A.  Like our Facebook Fan Page for YOYO Lip Gloss:  Go to!/pages/YOYO-Lip-Gloss/170710212990504and click 'Like'. 
B.  Subscribe to the YOYO Lip Gloss YouTube channel:
    Go to and click 'Subscribe'.

    C.  Follow YOYO Lip Gloss on Twitter
      Go to!/yoyolipgloss and click 'Follow'.

      Step 2: Fill out the contest application at

      Step 3:  Comment on this blog with your first name and which task you participated in.

      The Winners will be notified by email on June 21, 2011.  Fifteen winners will be selected at random and will receive a FREE YOYO Zipper Pouch with 3 YOYO Lip Gloss Minis inside.

      What are you waiting for!? Go get started!

      Tuesday, May 31, 2011

      YOYO introduces NEW YOYO Zipper Pouches--THREE Lip Gloss Minis in ONE!

      Are you loving your YOYO Lip Gloss Minis?  How can you not with all  those fashionably delicious  flavors like Big BounceBubblegum, Super Strawberry Cheesecake, Crazy Cotton Candy, Girly Green Apple, Kissable Kiwi, and Bodacious Blueberry? Well guess what, lip gloss lovers--YOYO is now introducing a super cool reusable YOYO Zipper Pouch that includes THREE (yes, three!) lip gloss minis in all different colors and flavors!    Now you can get three of your favorite YOYO Lip Gloss Minis in just ONE adorable zipper pouch!   That's three different colors,  looks, scents, and tastes--could it get any better?!  How about  if you got your very own zipper pouch for FREE?? Yep-it just got better.  Staytuned for our upcoming Zipper Pouch giveaway.

      Tuesday, June 29, 2010

      YOYO Lip Gloss wins ICMAD CITY Award for product package design innovation

                      This year YOYO Lip Gloss was honored to be invited to the 2010 ICMAD Awards. The award ceremony was in our home town, New York City! It was an amazing night from beginning to end. Everyone there seemed to be in the best of moods, it was a delightful atmosphere. What a fabulous experience! We got to meet tons of amazing people with great products. The big surprise was right smack in the middle of the ceremony when YOYO Lip Gloss received the City Award for Color Cosmetic Package Design! After receiving the award and making a brief acceptance speech, we sat back and enjoyed the rest of the enchanting night in disbelief. To say the least YOYO Lip Gloss would not be what it is without it’s dedicated fans and supporting consumers. To us life is about progress not perfection, and as long as we have a loving community behind us we hope to make such progress and continue to grow. We hope we can continue to give back as we reach new heights. YOYO would like to thank all of you for making this possible. We did it!


      Saturday, March 27, 2010

      Get a FREE YOYO Lip Gloss Mini When You Vote for YOYO on Total Beauty!

      Do you love your YOYO Lip Gloss?

      Get a FREE YOYO Lip Gloss Mini when you vote for YOYO on Total Beauty!

      Here is how............
      Step 1: Go to Total Beauty and find the YOYO Lip Gloss, select vote and sign up.
      Step 2: Go to YOYO Lip Gloss Prizes & Contests Section and enter your information to receive your free gloss. 

      First 500 people will receive a FREE YOYO Lip Gloss Mini in the mail, shipping included.  Votes must be in before March 30th 2010.  Good luck!

      Monday, March 22, 2010

      YOYO Lip Gloss: Smash Hit at the International Beauty Show - NYC

      International Beauty Show- in NYC -the biggest show of its kind, Yep- that's right, directly in front of the main stage was YOYO Lip Gloss!  The pretty pink tables and beautifully designed booth was swarmed by girls from all over the United State and in New York's case every borough.  They lined up to get there awesome show deal, four YOYO Lip Glosses for only $10 dollars. The girls  loved there sweet and sassy colors and great tasting flavors ..Big Bounce Bubble Gum, Cha Cha Chocolate, Kissable Kiwi, Girly Green Apple - This was YOYO Lip Glosses first time at the NYC Javits show -and they are excited to return next year..Be on the lookout for more exciting products from YOYO.

      Wednesday, March 17, 2010

      YOYO Lip Gloss at Radio Disney's Pop Con

      People should not be allowed to have so much fun! Radio Disney's Pop Con was a blast!  We had an amazing time sharing YOYO and posing for the cameras.  We got a chance to meet the Fab Disney performers. A favorite amongst the ladies was by far Justin Bieber.  But don't sleep on the WOW group, they were def an eye catcher for the girls! YOYO launched Phase 1 of the Strike a Pose Campaign at Pop Con and YOYO fans showed us how they Rocked their YOYO Lip Gloss in their favorite pose for a chance to move onto Phase 2 of the campaign.  It's been so hard choosing who will be the lucky winner!   Click here to view the pictures,  There are too many beautiful and adorable faces to choose from.  Aside from moving onto Phase 2 of Strike a Pose, the winner will also receive their own personalized YOYO Lip Gloss Trading Card featuring no other than themselves! rockn their YOYO! WeeeWeee and a handmade Swarovski Crystaled YOYO Lip Gloss to clip onto their favorite jeans or bag. Stay tuned for the 411.

      Sunday, February 7, 2010

      Sign Up 4 YOYO Lip Gloss Text Alerts

      Each week, YOYO Lip Gloss has fun prizes and contests. Now you can be the very first to get the 411. Sign up for YOYO Lip Gloss text messaging alerts! Enter your name and mobile number below.

      Thursday, January 28, 2010

      FREE Valentine's Day Gift Set

      From now until Valentines Day, YOYO Lip Gloss will be giving away 3 FREE Valentine's Day Gift Sets per week! To enter, just write your email address below, winners will be posted on the YOYO Lip Gloss Blog.

      Enter your email address:

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      Monday, December 21, 2009

      YOYO Lip Gloss Commercial - Y - to - the - O, Y - to - the - O, that's the way we spell YOYO!

      The final cut to the YOYO Lip Gloss Commercial is complete! Special thanks to our cast and crew for an incredible production. Whats all the ranting and raving about? YOYO Lip Gloss is a retractable lip gloss that clips on for easy access; pull the cord and it extends 2 1/2 feet long, apply that delicious sparkle gloss and then back YOYO goes! Girls everywhere have been living by its motto to "clip it, twist it, squeeze it, wear it all day long and never lose their lip gloss again!"

      Composing this commercial has been an amazing journey. What started out as a mere concept was brought to life. All this would not have been possible without key people. Special thanks to my dear friend Christine Malfitano who initiated this brilliant idea, Mark from Expendable Plus & Brooklyn Studios for hosting our casting call and for putting me in contact with an amazing Director of Photography, Ski Piotr Jagninski. Dear Ski, thank you for the crash course in film production and also for putting together the most amazing team of grips, gaffers and camera crew.

      The day of the commercial shoot was magical and lead by the best AD a gal could ever ask for! Dear Paul, thanks for putting up with my insane request to film over 30 scenes in just 2 days! But we did it, and did it well!

      The days would not have run so smooth without key people including my wonderful mother making Greek pick me up coffees in the middle of the day, Jessica my PA who was at my beckon call and loved it, Lady Life who sang Y to the O Y to the O over and over again on set to compensate for our broken ipod, SeanD'Alesio who filled in the gap for every missing hand on the set, and of course James Arbona, the only producer who would run to Home Depot to personally make a dolly at 2 am the night before the shoot!

      The YOYO Commercial had the best choreographers around! Special thanks to Lori & Life for training these girls like they were your own children.

      Our hair and makeup girls were absolutely superb! Special thanks to Martina, Dawn Marie, and Maria for making everyone look totally outta control!

      A big YOYO goes out to Amy Schlossberg for the blood, sweat and tears devoted to making some fresh YOYO outfits! Many shout outs to Pastry, Puma, Apple Bottom and All Star for providing super cool gear for our YOYO Girls to wear. But what good are clothes without a person to dress them? That glory all goes to the YOYO Stylist Mama Jen Barrett and her assistant Melanie Causon who brought all the characters to life.

      Special thanks to Angel for making the hottest YOYO beat, rough cut editor Doug for putting it all together and special, special thanks to the most wonderful after effects editor Dave Nicholson! Dear Dave, you truly poured your heart and soul into the YOYO commercial and for that I will be forever thankful! You made this spot more incredible then what I envisioned it to be.

      The most important members of the commercial shoot were by far the cast who did an unbelievable job of rockn' their YOYO Lip Glosses. Special thanks to cast and families!

      Several YOYO commercials will be released; we filmed for two long days! More incredible YOYO Spots to come. Stay tuned to our web site for details.

      God Bless

      Angie Parlionas
      YOYO Lip Gloss

      Sunday, November 29, 2009

      YOYO Lip Gloss Commercial Release

      We are getting ready to release the final draft of the YOYO Lip Gloss Commercial! Be one of the first to view it by subscribing to our You Tube Channel. We can't thank everyone enough, from crew to staff to cast to moms and dads, we could not have done it without you!

      Wednesday, October 28, 2009

      YOYO Lip Gloss CEO to Speak at the Open Innovation Summit in Miami

      Hey chicas!! I am about to go to an incredible conference and I am soooo excited to tell you about it!! I’m getting geared up for the Open Innovation Summit. This is the mecca for people who want the simple idea that they have created into a business to just… explode! It’s going to be December 2-4, 2009 in Orlando, FL.

      What is it about? Presenters take you beyond the “Why” to the “How” in giving strategy on how to develop a successful business with your innovation. Why come? Well I’ll just mention Proctor and Gamble who will be speaking on how to brand yourself, Mozilla on how to use web tools, and Xerox on how to use spin-offs.. just to name a few!! But wait.. I didn’t tell you the best part… I WAS ASKED TO SPEAK!!! How awesome is that??

      They claim and this event truly is the “Who’s Who” of innovation. For Yo Yo Lip Gloss, and as the CEO, I don’t want to miss any opportunity where I can maximize a moment to better who we are as a company. We started as a simple idea but we aren’t staying there. We are growing and maturing into the best we can possibly be. Hearing and learning from the best has always been something I’ve done. And now look? I’m asked to speak. From a simple thought of a lip gloss on a string, my whole nationwide company.. as well as in some other nations .. has been born. It’s limitless where your dreams can take you.

      If you have an idea or are running a start up business off of a patented invention or innovation, I encourage you to consider being a part of this awesome conference. For more info, here’s the website: Also if you sign up and type in the code KTP993 you will get an additional $300 off. Hope to see you there!!


      Saturday, October 3, 2009

      The YOYO Lip Gloss Minis Win Best Lip Gloss Award for Shecky’s Beauty at its Best

      The YOYO Lip Gloss Minis are the hottest new glosses in town and the winners of the best lip gloss award for Shecky's Beauty at its Best. It’s the lip gloss that can’t get lost. Its the “Super Shiny, Luscious Shimmer, Splendid Sparkle, Cooling Tingle” in cahoots with delicious flavors that can’t be beat that puts the Minis at the top of it's game!

      Calling all NYC Ladies, come celebrate with us at the Shecky’s Beauty Night Out where the Minis will be featured as category winners. If you have never been to a Shecky’s event, now is the time, get your passes here. Not only is it tons of fun but you get an amazing goody bag at the end of the night (see what's inside the goody bag).

      And just to top it off, YOYO Lip Gloss will be having a special photo shoot with photographer Stephen Eastwood. Think you have what it takes to rock your YOYO Lip Gloss? Come down to Shecky’s Beauty Night Out and show us what you got! Winner will receive a $500 cash prize. All pictures taken that night are yours to keep. We will upload them to our web site and you can download or print some head shots to show off to your friends.

      Shecky's Beauty Night Out
      Event Time: 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
      Days of the Week: Wednesday - Thursday, Oct 7th & 8th, 2009
      Location: The Puck Building
      293 Lafayette Street
      NY, NY 10012

      Wednesday, August 26, 2009

      Win the Newest YOYO Lip Glosses - Not Yet Released!

      Do you want a chance to win the newest YOYO Lip Glosses? These glosses have yet to hit the market. Check out Life & Style Magazine web site for a chance to win!

      Thursday, August 13, 2009

      YOYO Lip Gloss Commercial - Take One, Rough Cut Footage Complete

      The moment you've all been waiting for! The "famous" commercial everyone's been talking about, "Our Lip Gloss is Better than Yours"!

      The fabulous rough cut editor Doug who is known to edit the show "World Series of Poker" has completed the rough cut of the commercial and now its on to the spectacular after effects editor, Dave Nicholson who is working on adding fun backgrounds, sparkles and the magical cord that will make the commercial truly "YOYO".

      It doesn't stop here! We have 2 more commercials to make from the footage we captured on July 25th & 26th 2009. Now-everyone, check out this fabulous clip of the rough footage and stay tuned for the final cut to be posted soon!

      Sunday, August 2, 2009

      FREE Retractable YOYO LIP GLOSS


      For a limited time only get a FREE YOYO LIP GLOSS!! Clip it to your hip or bag and you will "Never Be at a Loss for Your Gloss!

      Think your fav lip gloss is the best on the market? We challenge you to go head to head with ours. We are sure you will love the look, feel and taste of YOYO Lip Gloss over any of our competitors. So what is this promotion all about? We are committed to give over 1 million lip glosses to the public for FREE and let them decide. We believe they will come to know what we already do; that our lip gloss is at the top of it's game!

      Click Here to Get Your Free Lip Gloss

      Select add to cart, check out, and you will receive a FREE Pistle Packing Pink YOYO Lip Gloss! Shipping rates still apply. Offer good while supplies last.

      Friday, July 31, 2009

      Mass' Latest Innovation: Lip Gloss on a String

      Check out this amazing article published by Women's Wear Daily about YOYO Lip Gloss & CEO! For the full effect, buy a subscription to WWD

      Mass' Latest Innovation: Lip Gloss on a String

      by Faye Brookman

      Posted Friday July 31, 2009

      From WWD Issue 07/31/2009

      NEW YORK — Stockkeeping optimization has resulted in a few inches of footage available in mass market doors, and a young entrepreneur is out to nab some of that real estate.

      Just a few years out of business school, 30-year-old Angie Parlionas has created a line called YoYo Lip Gloss. Her story is reminiscent of the legendary Hard Candy founder Dineh Mohajer, who launched a breakthrough beauty line from her home (Recently, Hard Candy was repositioned as a mass line and will enter Wal-Mart stores later this year). She also embodies the spirit of Fun creator Kristin Penta, who tried to court more teens to the mass market.

      The reality is today’s marketplace is tougher to crack than in the free-spending Nineties, but Parlionas believes her ideas are unique enough to convince buyers to give her a shot.

      Her first item is a lip gloss attached to a clip, and the concept came out of necessity — much like Mohajer and her blue nail color to match her blue sandals. “I was really into sports and could never find my lip gloss in my bag,” said Parlionas over a recent lunch. Having studied successful product launches at St. Johns University, Parlionas decided to put her theory into practice and invented the YoYo Lip Gloss. By affixing a string to a clip, Parlionas invented a gloss users can easily find. “I knew it had to be more than cute and clever, but also a great formula, and I worked with experts on the formulas and flavors,” she said.

      YoYo Lip Gloss Minis are available in four flavors — Girly Green Apple, Cha-Cha Chocolate, Big Bounce Bubble Gum and Kissable Kiwi, retailing for $2.99. A larger lip gloss retails for $4.99 and is available in the Minis’ flavors as well as Bodacious Blueberry, Crazy Cotton Candy, Power Packing Pineapple and Super Strawberry Cheesecake.

      Realizing retailers need more than one item to justify space, Parlionas has created an entire line set for launch in spring, which includes an SPF lip balm, blush, eye shadow and nail polish. Prices range from $2.99 for a mini lip gloss to about $7 for a nail polish. Each item has a unique property such as a key chain for the balm.

      Also, Parlionas knows the power of promotion and is shooting 30-second TV spots set to air on MTV and Nickelodeon using real girls who were culled from a casting call to describe what teens loved about their gloss. The tag line plays off the YoYo idea: “Never at a Loss for Your Gloss.”

      YoYo is obviously a young brand, but the target market is older teens. “You can always get younger girls to want to go up, but not the other way around,” Parlionas said.

      The lip gloss already has attracted attention in apparel chains such as Rainbow and Joyce Leslie as well as independents in several major markets, and the young founder has her sights set on a major chain. She says she knows the risks and cost of entry associated with mass chains and that won’t deter her from trying to be the next hot item that could perhaps get the teen engine purring again. “Although a lip gloss on a string might sound like a minor breakthrough, so was a blue nail polish and look what that did,” said one buyer.

      Thursday, July 2, 2009

      Lady Life at MSG

      The Freestyle Extravaganza at Madison Square Garden on June 20, 2009 at 8pm was a night to remember. Chock full of all stars, this showcase had Slick Rick, Cover Girls, and Fascination.. but hands down? Our YOYO CEO, Angie Parlionas, was floored by Lady Life who sang with Hanson and Davis. She sang “Hungry for Your Love” and rocked the house!

      We are ULTRA thrilled cuz the fun does not stop there. Lady Life is coming out with a hot, Hot, HOT album in the upcoming months and it is all the buzz. We all have to have one!! So keep your eyes peeled here where we will advertise where you can get one and online. Lady Life also has a myspace and facebook. Her page site is Check em out!!!

      Tuesday, June 23, 2009

      Shecky's Girl's Night Out - NYC

      What’s better than a night out with your chick friends? A Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out of course!!! For $30, you can eat, buy discounted fab sponsored products and get services at a fraction of their normal price. But wait!! At the end of the night? You and your girls are leaving with Shecky’s famous goodie bag that has some really amazing stuff inside!! How cool is this?? So there is one requirement. Since Shecky’s is serving drinks, you and your friends have to be over 21. But you younger girls have something to look forward to for sure! So this Tuesday, June 23, Wednesday, June 24, and Thursday, June 25 check out Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out! Get a FREE pass at this link, $30 in advance $40 at the door. For info, check this out:

      Thursday, June 18, 2009

      Get A FREE YOYO Lip Gloss

      Think your fav lip gloss is the best on the market? We challenge you to go head to head with ours. We are sure you will love the look, feel and taste of YOYO Lip Gloss over any of our competitors. This is the pre-kick off to the FALL 09' "Our Lip Gloss is Better THAN Yours" Campaign.

      So what is this promotion all about? We are committed to give over 1 million lip glosses to the public for FREE and let them decide. We believe they will come to know what we already do; that our lip gloss is at the top of it’s game!

      Its easy, enter coupon code GIMMEMYGLOSS (all caps) at check out for your FREE GLOSS. Shipping rates apply.

      5 fun colors and flavors to choose from!
      Krakalakin Clear - Bubble Gum Flavor
      Raisin' tha Roof Red - Green Apple Flavor

      Rowdy-Rowdy Raspberry - Grape Flavor

      Pistle Packing Pink - Orange Flavor
      Benjamin's ButtaLuv Brown - Chocolate

      15-17 126th St. College Point //NY // 11356 // 800-YOYO-Lip
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