Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where is My Lip Gloss?

It's Saturday afternoon and the mall is packed. I'm picking up some leggings with the hot new mini when all of a sudden, I turn out of the store and there... he ... is!!! Hottest guy ever and he's heading straight towards me!!! I grab my sidekick to text my bestie while checkin my "look" out in a window. Everything is cool. Hair is in place. Makeup is ok. Just a quick touch of gloss and I'm ready for him to make the move. Scrambling in my bag, I fumble through keys, a wallet, some gum wrappers. "Wait", I said, "I know I threw it in here." More rummaging through pens and a tube of something that I'm thinkin, "Yes. There it... noo!! It's just my purse lotion. Where did I put my lip gloss?" Now I'm dropping crumpled tissues, an earring and several remnants of my purse onto the floor. "It's gotta be in here!" And before you know it? Mr. Hottie is a Not-tie as my gloss-less quest has left me focusing on finding this little missing tube and not lost in ice blue eyes with the great smile. Cuz I look up? And he's nowhere to be found. Makes you want to scream, right?

Time after time many girls have found themselves fighting through pocketbooks, book bags, suitcases, and pockets asking "Where is my lip gloss?" Today? The search is over. The answer? YOYO LIP GLOSS!!

YOYO Lip Gloss is my practical, unique and innovative design. Being an equally frustrated, daily lip gloss wearer, I found myself turning into a lip gloss recovery agent! But then suddenly? The light bulb went on. A retractable lip gloss that is there where you need it every single time. No more digging, searching and turning up empty handed. Just clip it onto your favorite hipsters, popped collar, or trendy handbag. The cool, refreshing and tasty flavors with the perfect hint of pink, red, purple, clear and brown hues for any skin type are great for any chick looking for that perfect hands on lip gloss.

Celebrities are excited about YOYO too! And who better to sponsor than Lil Mama; writer and performer of the chart topper "Lip Gloss"!! That's right. Click here to check out her album release party pictures sponsored by YOYO Lip Gloss, the newest, hot commodity.

So I know you're wondering, "How can I get my hands on a YOYO Lip Gloss?" We are excited to announce that YOYO is
available right now at your local Rainbow Shops. YOYO Lip Gloss is also available in over 18 states! Check yoyolipgloss.com for store locations or purchase on our site. Our gift to you? When you purchase any two of our fabulous colors such as "Raisin Tha Roof Red" and "Pistle Packing Pink" get the third one of your choice totally FREE. That's right. Completely FREE. Make sure to check out our website every day and be up to date for exciting give-aways, great contests and prizes; including our kid search for our new YOYO Lip Gloss Commercial! Stay glued to YOYOlipgloss.com for details.

So are you ready to stop searching? The perfect lip gloss is finally here.
YOYO Lip Gloss. Clip it, twist it, squeeze it, and wear it all day long. The wait is over. Get yours today!

Angie Onassis Parlionas, CEO
"How You Like It?"
Peppermints Salon, Inc
DBA YOYO Lip Gloss
15-17 126th St
College Point,

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