Tuesday, April 28, 2009

St John's University Commends YOYO Lip Gloss CEO

Angie Parlionas, the CEO of YOYO Lip Gloss, was interviewed for a St. John’s article that was recently published. They had a great picture of Angie looking fabulous and did a nice piece on her. So what did they say? They talked about how she got started, the history of YOYO and where we are going as a company and with our product in the future. Angie was just a child when the concept of a permanently attached lip gloss came to her. Look at YOYO now! Though her dream was small and immature then, it is realized now while Angie is just 30 years old!

We all are pretty familiar with the YOYO story. But St. John’s was such a huge part of the inspiration for Angie and why she is where she is today. Angie was a former St. John’s University Peter J. Tobin College of Business MBA student. Professor Larry Boone’s Entrepreneurship class of 2003 stoked the fires of ingenuity and put legs to what was only a little girl’s thought.

So why would St. John’s want to talk to Angie? To inspire the next generation. That dreams can become reality. Their school was such a big part in Angie’s life; which Angie STILL invites Professor Boone to anything that YOYO has going on!! Angie has seen lip gloss become a makeup empire. Part of her heart’s desire is to give back and inspire young girls to follow their hearts. Family, teachers and friends believed in Angie and she knew she could develop and create what YOYO is today. Angie is always about encouraging someone else for tomorrow.

To read the entire St. John’s story, go to http://www.stjohns.edu/academics/graduate/tobin/success/alumni/parlionas.stj

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