Thursday, June 18, 2009

Get A FREE YOYO Lip Gloss

Think your fav lip gloss is the best on the market? We challenge you to go head to head with ours. We are sure you will love the look, feel and taste of YOYO Lip Gloss over any of our competitors. This is the pre-kick off to the FALL 09' "Our Lip Gloss is Better THAN Yours" Campaign.

So what is this promotion all about? We are committed to give over 1 million lip glosses to the public for FREE and let them decide. We believe they will come to know what we already do; that our lip gloss is at the top of it’s game!

Its easy, enter coupon code GIMMEMYGLOSS (all caps) at check out for your FREE GLOSS. Shipping rates apply.

5 fun colors and flavors to choose from!
Krakalakin Clear - Bubble Gum Flavor
Raisin' tha Roof Red - Green Apple Flavor

Rowdy-Rowdy Raspberry - Grape Flavor

Pistle Packing Pink - Orange Flavor
Benjamin's ButtaLuv Brown - Chocolate

15-17 126th St. College Point //NY // 11356 // 800-YOYO-Lip
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  1. hey the gloss is cute and lovely shades do I get mine?

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