Monday, June 1, 2009

Make Your Own Lip Gloss

Has the thought ever crossed your mind when you are smacking on your delicious "Rowdy Rowdy Raspberry"that "Gee.. I could make my own lip gloss!" Well, why not give it a shot? That's right. We at YOYO Lip Gloss are giving you your very own opportunity to be a Mad Scientist, you'll offer us some stiff competition and you can develop your very own lip gloss!! How? By going to our Recipe Page on

Lookin for somethin fruity? Then why not make a Fruity Gloss. More of a sweet chick? Then whip up a Sweet Gloss. There are four recipes to choose from with easy ingredients you'll find in your local supermarkets. So make sure to stop by the "Fun" Tab at and make your signature gloss today!

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