Monday, December 21, 2009

YOYO Lip Gloss Commercial - Y - to - the - O, Y - to - the - O, that's the way we spell YOYO!

The final cut to the YOYO Lip Gloss Commercial is complete! Special thanks to our cast and crew for an incredible production. Whats all the ranting and raving about? YOYO Lip Gloss is a retractable lip gloss that clips on for easy access; pull the cord and it extends 2 1/2 feet long, apply that delicious sparkle gloss and then back YOYO goes! Girls everywhere have been living by its motto to "clip it, twist it, squeeze it, wear it all day long and never lose their lip gloss again!"

Composing this commercial has been an amazing journey. What started out as a mere concept was brought to life. All this would not have been possible without key people. Special thanks to my dear friend Christine Malfitano who initiated this brilliant idea, Mark from Expendable Plus & Brooklyn Studios for hosting our casting call and for putting me in contact with an amazing Director of Photography, Ski Piotr Jagninski. Dear Ski, thank you for the crash course in film production and also for putting together the most amazing team of grips, gaffers and camera crew.

The day of the commercial shoot was magical and lead by the best AD a gal could ever ask for! Dear Paul, thanks for putting up with my insane request to film over 30 scenes in just 2 days! But we did it, and did it well!

The days would not have run so smooth without key people including my wonderful mother making Greek pick me up coffees in the middle of the day, Jessica my PA who was at my beckon call and loved it, Lady Life who sang Y to the O Y to the O over and over again on set to compensate for our broken ipod, SeanD'Alesio who filled in the gap for every missing hand on the set, and of course James Arbona, the only producer who would run to Home Depot to personally make a dolly at 2 am the night before the shoot!

The YOYO Commercial had the best choreographers around! Special thanks to Lori & Life for training these girls like they were your own children.

Our hair and makeup girls were absolutely superb! Special thanks to Martina, Dawn Marie, and Maria for making everyone look totally outta control!

A big YOYO goes out to Amy Schlossberg for the blood, sweat and tears devoted to making some fresh YOYO outfits! Many shout outs to Pastry, Puma, Apple Bottom and All Star for providing super cool gear for our YOYO Girls to wear. But what good are clothes without a person to dress them? That glory all goes to the YOYO Stylist Mama Jen Barrett and her assistant Melanie Causon who brought all the characters to life.

Special thanks to Angel for making the hottest YOYO beat, rough cut editor Doug for putting it all together and special, special thanks to the most wonderful after effects editor Dave Nicholson! Dear Dave, you truly poured your heart and soul into the YOYO commercial and for that I will be forever thankful! You made this spot more incredible then what I envisioned it to be.

The most important members of the commercial shoot were by far the cast who did an unbelievable job of rockn' their YOYO Lip Glosses. Special thanks to cast and families!

Several YOYO commercials will be released; we filmed for two long days! More incredible YOYO Spots to come. Stay tuned to our web site for details.

God Bless

Angie Parlionas
YOYO Lip Gloss

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