Wednesday, March 17, 2010

YOYO Lip Gloss at Radio Disney's Pop Con

People should not be allowed to have so much fun! Radio Disney's Pop Con was a blast!  We had an amazing time sharing YOYO and posing for the cameras.  We got a chance to meet the Fab Disney performers. A favorite amongst the ladies was by far Justin Bieber.  But don't sleep on the WOW group, they were def an eye catcher for the girls! YOYO launched Phase 1 of the Strike a Pose Campaign at Pop Con and YOYO fans showed us how they Rocked their YOYO Lip Gloss in their favorite pose for a chance to move onto Phase 2 of the campaign.  It's been so hard choosing who will be the lucky winner!   Click here to view the pictures,  There are too many beautiful and adorable faces to choose from.  Aside from moving onto Phase 2 of Strike a Pose, the winner will also receive their own personalized YOYO Lip Gloss Trading Card featuring no other than themselves! rockn their YOYO! WeeeWeee and a handmade Swarovski Crystaled YOYO Lip Gloss to clip onto their favorite jeans or bag. Stay tuned for the 411.


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